Art Therapy

On a personal note, thought I’d make myself vulnerable here and share a journal piece I created earlier this year while sorting through some emotional issues. This is something I recommend everyone to do, using whatever medium you’re most comfortable with – writing poetry or in a diary/journal, drawing, painting, paper collage or mixed media. I love words and appreciate their power, but sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and I find it hard to express my feelings in that way. I am a visual person, and being a card maker (not an artist) I used what skills I had to visually express the turmoil going through my head at the time. It makes no sense to anyone else of course, but I know what it means, and I found it really beneficial to put it onto paper. By doing so I was able to clarify the thoughts in my head and transform some of the negative feelings into a pretty montage which makes me feel good now to look at, despite the process I went through getting it there. We all hurt at times, we need to learn to heal ourselves. For me, ART helps.

If anyone would like to have a go at making their own montage but is unsure where to start or doesn’t have the art supplies, I am more than happy to do a free one-on-one session with them, with access to mine. Just email me at artatticstudio@gmail.com. Please note that I have no qualifications as an Art Therapist. The aim is just to provide a fun and cathartic way to express emotions.


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