Snail Mail

Susan Robinson
September 11, 2019


For many years I was under the misconception that WHEN I retire, my life would suddenly be ALL organised! Three years on and sadly that is not the case. My recipes are still waiting to be sorted, as are my music files, and don’t get me started on my photographs! I thought digital technology was supposed to make life easier, but it has only added to the chaos. And considering I make cards as a hobby, you’d think my friends and relatives would at least get a lovely hand made card for their birthday every year! On time! (Sigh)

I get through life with the attitude that “Every day is a new day”, forgive myself for past inadequacies and strive to do better.

  • UMS879 Toadstool Turret from Willowby Woods Collection by Creative Expressions UK
  • 1758E Garden Buggy! by Penny Black Inc