Susan Robinson
May 27, 2020


Sending warmest wishes to my nephew Nathan for his birthday tomorrow! To be honest, once they get past a certain age, I tend to loose track of birthdays. Our extended family has grown over the years, and now most have partners and are starting on the next generation. My husband already has 7 grandchildren! I think it’s more important to focus on the young ones. Sadly Nathan was coming down to Perth with his family for his grandmother’s funeral. As I was making a Sympathy card, I suddenly remembered it was also his birthday. He is a shy country boy, who loves going 4 wheel driving in the bush.

This card literally took me 2 minutes to make, thanks to having a stash of pre-made backgrounds to choose from. I love playing with inks, but it can be messy. So when I’m in the mood, I make extra. Sometimes they’re rejects from a previous project. Sometimes they’re actually quite ugly! But I never throw anything away, as more often than not I do find a use for them somewhere down the track. And they’re very handy when you need to make a quick card!

stamps: ‘Landrover’ 3321E and ‘Australian Land’ 3305E, both by Stamp-it