Noble flower 1

Susan Robinson
October 8, 2021


Sometimes when you have a solid stamp design with a lot of rubber area, such as this one, stamping it out in black is not a good option (see sample at right). It’s just too heavy and dominant.

So what ARE your options?

One method is called the ‘direct-to-rubber technique’, where instead of using an ink pad, you simply colour the rubber area with texters. Two things to be aware of: 1. only use water based texters, never alcohol based ones (such as Copic or Spectrum Noir pens) for this method. 2. Make sure to use a painty nib (soft pointy nib like a paintbrush), as the bullet style nibs are hard and may scratch your rubber, therefore effecting further stamp outs.

Because it may take you a while to colour in the whole stamp, huff your breath over it to re-moisten the inks, before stamping out. I stamped onto gloss card, which will take a moment for the inks to dry, but makes the colours more vibrant.

stamps: Noble 4377K by Penny Black; Art washes by Hampton Art