Diving Mermaids

One of my favourite techniques for underwater backgrounds is done using shaving cream and dye ink sprays. Unfortunately my blog is not enabling me to load videos but if you go to https://www.facebook.com/artatticstudio/, you can see a quick video version. Otherwise if you look to the right hand side of my site under “Catagories” scroll down to ‘techniques‘ and under that ‘shaving cream‘. Click on that and it will take you to my “Mermaid School” post and you will see step by step instructions with photos. Below are some more examples of backgrounds made using this technique which I will save for another day.

I love the way little bubbles form in the shaving cream as the liquid component starts to dissolve with the heat. It can leave behind quite an organic, cellular result. Of course it all depends on the way you squish!

As with my 3 surfer dudes from previous post, I decided to frame these little mermaid cards, just so I can look at them a while longer.


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