About Me

I started this blog a few years ago as a lot of craft shops were shutting down and it was becoming harder to know where to go to get inspiration. Everyone has their own style – mine may not be to everyone’s taste. But whatever I do, I am happy to share with you, my imagination, my experience, my joy! I hope it helps you find yours.

The great thing about card making, is that it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw as all the artwork is done for you in the stamp design! A little colouring and assembly and you can create these lovely miniature works of art. Playing with colours and textures makes me happy. I believe everyone should find some creative thing to do, whether it’s cooking, gardening, sewing, whatever. It’s good for your soul and mental health. But you have to remember to enjoy the journey! Don’t stress if you make mistakes, as they can usually be salvaged in some way or morphed into something else. If not, it’s only a piece of paper, throw it in the bin and start again. I am not a perfectionist and don’t try to be. I just enjoy the process, as you should. Have a go. The whole idea of making a hand-made card is that it shouldn’t look like it was bought in a store. It’s made with love and thought and inky fingers.

(Please Note: This is not a business, but a hobby, and I am not affiliated with any particular company)

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