The Darkest Night

This musician comes out of a nightclub in the early hours, his faithful dog waiting at the back door. Together they walk through the quiet streets, his adrenalin still pumping from the hours of playing, too wired to sleep. Eventually he leans against a lamppost, and slowly lifts his saxophone to his lips and starts to play softly, soulfully. Slowly the sun creeps over the rooftops, shining onto the puddles, illuminating the paving stones still wet from the evenings rain. And so a new day begins.

Another alcohol ink background, created by swishing Yupo card through alcohol inks (Sunshine Yellow, Pesto and Pitch Black) with Isopropyl Alcohol on a Teflon mat. The Pesto has some brown elements to it and the Black, some purple. Makes for interesting results. I really love how this one turned out! Consequently I didn’t want to cover it up too much, so chose my stamp and die carefully.

I have been experimenting with foiling my alcohol ink backgrounds. You should be able to see the gold veins through the above card. This only seems to work on Yupo, not gloss card. As Yupo is plastic, not paper, the inks stay wet a little longer, and actually get slightly ‘sticky’ where the inks pool. This allows the foil to adhere. Success is all about the timing! Put the foil sheet on too early, and the inks simply lift off with the sheet, ruining your lovely inky pattern. Put in on too late, and the inks are dry and none of the foil will stick. Bit tricky, but fun. If you mess it up, just add more alcohol inks and try again. I have 2 more samples to follow.


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