Blushing Hearts

I am loving my alcohol inks at the moment and the beautiful effects you can achieve! This background was created by dripping various inks onto a Teflon matt together with some Isopropyl alcohol and swishing my Yupo card through. After waiting approx 1 min. until most of the ink is dry but you can still see wet areas where the ink has pooled – that is the time to place your foil sheet (colour side up) over it. I have used Gold for this sample. The foil should adhere to the sticky bits. Keep lifting and replacing your foil over your card until sure no more of the foil is going to stick. Sometimes you can get seams of foil (depending on how your inks have dried), but mostly I seem to get glints of foiling. Maybe it is determined by the foil sheets used? I have been using a brand called Fab Foils.

I chose a nice open die design so as not to cover up too much of the inky deliciousness, the gold hearts complimenting the gold foiling in the background.


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