Nature Fairy

I have some little fairies in my garden! They are metal ones that dance around in one of the palm pots. I think they’re secretly looking after the garden at night, because sometimes in the morning, I notice that the hedges have been trimmed, or the weeds pulled up. (Or maybe it’s just my husband? He tends to get up earlier than me and potter about outside for a bit whilst I’m still snoozing. If I make any comments on the garden, he says, yes, the fairies have been busy again, haha).

When I first stamped out the fairy and realised she wasn’t dark enough (as you can still see a hazy image of the green fern through her), I was going to re-do, but then I thought – ‘Hey, fairies are supposed to be invisible aren’t they?’ So I reasoned it was okay to leave it as it was. Applying logic to support my laziness:) Anyway, it’s time all the fairies disappeared, as I move onto some flower cards.

stamps: fairy by Lavinia stamps; cricket by PSX; rest from ‘Nature Sketchbook 2’ set ICO375 by Graphic 45


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