Ant Trail

Now this is what I’m talking about!! Simple. Something I was trying to achieve with my card from my last posting, except I forgot when to stop. I have to confess it’s not white card though, but rather a creamy off-white colour. (Maybe it’s just the white that puts me off? Dunno). So apart from a bit of smudging underneath my mushroom, I am quite happy with it. It is a hand made creation after all, so perfection is not expected, at least not in my house, haha.

Thought I’d share with you how I did the mushroom. It took me a few goes to find a method that worked well, but still each stamping will be slightly different. It is a solid design, so used a combination of texters and coloured ink pads direct to the rubber as shown in the steps below.

Note: the paper you use is very important. If it’s too absorbent, the inks will soak in straight away and you won’t be able to blend them!

I struggled to find a suitably small insect stamp to add to my design, and ended up using a ladybug sticker.

stamps: Mushrooms by Lavinia stamps; ant trail & wordings by Stamp-it; small fern by Amazing Creations; large fern by Penny Black


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