Dragon Love

Even dragons need a little love. My husband is born in the year of the dragon, and he’s an Aries, which makes him a double fire sign!! He even has a tattoo of a dragon on his shoulder. I didn’t think of the symbolism of this card until afterwards.

This was a shaving cream background I wasn’t very happy with, so banished it to my ‘backgrounds box’ in the hope that one day it may be given a new life. I haven’t quite mastered the art of the ‘shaving cream’ technique yet. I have my own way of doing it and I like the results better (see under ‘techniques’ categories at right). I originally had visions of placing the girl and her dragon inside a cave with a bonfire, but that small area of light above her head made me see a window, so I just drew that in. So then I needed to make it look more like an inside room, hence the light (die) and ceiling cornice (created with an embossing folder). Quite happy with the way it all came together in the end.


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