Gelli Babies

Susan Robinson
November 4, 2020


Slowly getting the hang of how to use this gelli plate. I am not very good at layering, so am a bit out of my comfort zone. Out of the 50 prints I have taken so far, I like maybe six. Anyway, I did a few leafy prints that I was quite happy with, so will share them with you now. [Please note that the below photos were taken after I made these 2 cards. This is using a 3×5 inch plate].

Took me a few goes to get my head around it, but the idea is that the first colour/colours that you lay down on the gelli plate, will be the colour that stays underneath the plastic area of your stencil. The second colour of paint that you lay OVER the stencil, will be the colour that goes into the holes of the stencil pattern.

So choose your stencil pattern wisely, depending on the result you’re trying to achieve, as some stencils have a lot of plastic area with small holes, and visa versa. Those stencils with very delicate patterns, may be hard to brayer the paint over to get into the holes, so you might have to sponge it on instead. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more cards in the near future with backgrounds designed on my gelli plate.