Anzac Day

Susan Robinson
April 24, 2020


Lest we forget…

It will be a strange Anzac Day this year, with no group gatherings allowed. I hope many of you take up the suggestion to stand at the end of your driveways for the morning service, with radio on and candle lit. It will be a year to remember.

This is a cross-stitch I did last year for my brother’s birthday. He used to be in the army, and two of his sons still are. Anzac Day is a very important day in their calendar.

The top framed picture looks a bit distorted from the reflection off the glass sorry. The bottom one I took at the framers, while trying to decide which colour matting to put around it. I forgot to take one of the complete image before framing. Don’t look too closely at the black section as I’m sure there’s a few errors in there. Soo hard to see black when working en mass.