Bird’s Song

birds song I love this quote by Henry Van Dyke, it is of great encouragement to those of us who are less than perfect. We have to work with what God’s given us, and constantly stretch ourselves to be the best that WE can be.  I feel that my gift is my imagination and it is my joy to share that with others and let my little light shine, no matter how dimly.

Stamps used: What Talents 4043D, Feather 1100D, Solid Floral 3804C. All from Stamp-It Australia

Bird shape from Sizzix die “Caged Bird”  656634



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2 thoughts on “Bird’s Song

  1. Hi Susan, I love this blog, and feel creative juices flowing again, definitely time to re-visit lots of my stamps. The “What talents…” is one I have used in albums many times, but can now think of many ways to incorporate into cards. Love the Boxes cards you have created, fantastic, and I am sure the recipients must be truly delighted. Looking forward to new challenges in 2016. Cheers Judy

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