Blue Boat

Susan Robinson
April 10, 2020


This is a background technique using Kaleidacolor pads with Perfect Pearl Mists. It’s a set of 3 posts.

Kaleidacolor pads (by Tsukineko Inc) are dye inks comprised of separate raised colour sections which you push together to create the rainbow effect. I brayered the ‘Blue Breeze’ pad onto white kromekote (gloss) card for this sample.

The brayer wasn’t long enough to do the whole card, so did half the card with the darkest colour to the outside. Then swiveled the card around to do other half, meeting the lightest colours up in the middle.

Next, rather than spray the ‘Perfect Pearl’ Mist directly onto the coloured card, I spritzed it onto a Teflon mat (you can use a plastic lid or tablecloth instead). This allowed me more control of where to apply the silver shimmer mist rather than get a blanket coverage. The shimmer mist will bead on the plastic mat and provide you with different effects depending on whether you dab at the droplets or swish the card through.

The exciting discovery for me was – that as the shimmer mist was being added to the card, at the same time, the liquid element of it was bleaching the colour from the blue dye ink! So cool! This will show up better on the sample I did for my next post as the colours are more contrasting. With this card using a ‘Pearl’ (whitish) shimmer mist, it’s hard to distinguish that from the water bleaching effects on the card.

The Boat Collage is from a very old Stampin’ Up set (I bought 2nd hand, no name on packaging). I stamped the center square again onto another piece of card which had been brayered with the same ink pad as the background, then Magic Mounted it into place. I used a white Sharpie pen to add highlights. The wording is from PSX F-3403, the Compass 8362-J from Inkadinkado. I actually wanted to stamp the wording directly onto the blue background as it seemed a shame to cover up all that deliciousness, but the shimmer ink is very hard to stamp over, so I took the cowards way out and stamped onto a separate card. The wording seemed appropriate for these trying times.


Nautical Compass

Susan Robinson
September 29, 2018


The sun is shining and the wind is blowing, nice day for a sail.

stamp: Windward 1073G by Stamp-it

embossing folder: Compass set siz658574 by Tim Holtz

To create this card, I first placed some sticky-backed silver foil card through the ‘Compass’ embossing folder. I then poured some alcohol inks (espresso, mushroom & stream) directly onto the foil card to colour. I used a paint brush and sponge to help move the ink around and ensure it got into all the crevices. You have to work fast though as the inks dry quickly.

When dry, I lightly sanded the card, erasing the colour from the raised areas and showing up the silver card beneath.

Next I stamped out the boat twice onto white card. One I coloured in the hull and sea, the other I used as spare sails to cut out and Magic Mount over original. I cut around the image on left side and tore paper beneath the water, leaving the right side of card with a straight edge.

I applied some Crackle Accent over ship’s hull and set aside to dry. Meanwhile I tore some cardboard from an old box to size and sponged around with sepia ink. Attach the white card with boat onto the torn cardboard.

Lastly I poked 3 holes at the top right of card and secured brass brads through. This turned out to be a lesson in patience as I had already stuck down the foil card, so had to lift it again in order to secure the dark brown thread beneath, which I then wound around each brad as shown. I just felt it needed something to fill that space and couldn’t find a suitable wording.