Dinosaur Easter

Susan Robinson
March 27, 2018


Lots of birthdays this month. It was my husbands on the weekend and it’s my grandson’s 4th birthday today. When given this card he asked me what sort of dinosaurs they were. “Well the big one is a tyrannosaurus rex I’m sure”. “No, it’s not!” came the quick response. “They don’t have spines down their back.” So what do I know? Maybe it’s a girl one? See, look at all the glitter…

As usual I was making it at the last minute. I had already slapped the first sticker on before realising how much white was showing around each dinosaur. The stickers are made of paper and beautifully embossed (and glittered) so I ended up using some green watercolour around them to better blend them into the background. The background is alcohol ink, so luckily didn’t have to be too careful with my painting. Not a great job, but at least not the stark white of before (see right). Might have to fussy-cut out the remaining stickers.




March 7, 2017



Shown is my new giraffe die from Couture Creations, which I made 3 different cards from. I hope they provide you with some inspiration.





The backgrou20161222_101724nd for this card was made by swiping alcohol inks across some gloss card, then the giraffes lifted out and used individually on the card.






20170101_135548For this card I used the silhouettes of the entire tower of giraffes. The background was again made with alcohol inks (using the marbling technique) which was then placed behind the black card cut out.



20161230_17504620170101_140153When I was cutting out the die for this card, the giraffe legs got stuck and wouldn’t cut out properly, so I left them in and slid a piece of patterned paper behind their heads.