Dimensional Baubles

teal teardrop close-up        green round close-up

Easy Christmas cards or decorations to make with your kids.

You can punch circle shapes out with paper punches or if you don’t have any punches, simply fold your patterned paper in half and hand draw a shape (like a teardrop) with pencil on the back. Cut out with scissors. You don’t have to be good at drawing for this. Because the card is folded in half, you know that your finished shape will be symmetrical. Once you have cut your first shape out, use this as a template to cut out another 5. Fold them all in half and glue them back to back (with a glue stick), until you come to the last one, which you glue onto the front of your card. (If you glue the last 2 edges of your bauble together, you will have created a 3-D bauble, which you could hang on your tree).

   3-D bauble prep 0023-D bauble prep 001

I twisted some wire in a loop and popped it down the spine of the bauble (using a wet glue). You may find it easier to lay the wire into position first, then glue bauble over the top of it. Tie some pretty ribbon into a bow and glue at top of bauble.

When your bauble is complete (but before you stick it onto your card) you can hide any imperfect cutting by roughing up your edges. You can do this with a Distresser tool or simply open a small pair of scissors and hold the exposed blade at right angles to your card. Rub the scissors against the card edge to roughen up paper. This technique hides a multitude of sins. I use it a lot.

I have suggested using 6 shapes to create your baubles, but really you can do as many or as few as you wish. The thickness of your card may help determine this. You could also cut patterns out within each shape if you were good with a scalpel to create a more intricate decoration.

If making 3-D baubles, the wire will need to be longer to extend through the bottom for support. You could add some beads above and beneath for extra decoration.

xmas joy close-up This technique also looks lovely with certain stamped images. This is “Christmas Joy” 4161E from Stamp-It Australia. I used a rainbow ink pad to stamp it out – “Noel” by Adirondack (which I think have been discontinued).


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