Santa in the Sun

November 28, 2015


Santa in Sun 006Summer is already upon us with Christmas in hot pursuit. I bet Santa can hardly wait to get his feet up. It’s been a long year and it’s not over yet.

To make this card stamp Weary Santa 1149E and wording from siset102 onto ivory matt card in black Archival ink. Tear the edge of two strips of scrap paper and lay them across the top and bottom of the ivory card, leaving a gap in the middle. Sponge Antique Linen and Stormy Sky Distress inks over torn edges onto ivory card using sponging blocks. Colour in Santa with watercolour pencils. Apply some thick glue to trim of Santa’s hat and pom pom. Push white Flowersoft into glue while wet. Cut out beach umbrella shape from Ellison. Colour in with watercolour pencils and fix into place on card. Matt finished card onto red Mi-teintes card, then Harvest Bazzill card backing.




Aussie Outback Santa Run

November 27, 2015


Santa in Sun 004Feeling very patriotic this Christmas, may have something to do with all the terrorist activities around the world. Makes you appreciate home more than ever.

To make this card I cut the shape of Australia out of an Ellison die in matt white card. Next stamp outback scene with house siset111 in black Archival ink onto it. Colour in with watercolour pencils and chalks. Blend colours where needed with a waterbrush. Sponge around the edge with sepia ink. Stamp Kangaroo Sleigh 4919D in black Archival ink across top of Australia. With the help of a t-grid, stamp kangaroo sleigh again onto kraft card beneath making sure your kangaroos line up.

Glue Australia onto kraft card (don’t forget Tasmania!!). Sponge around kraft card with sepia ink also, then do edges only in Walnut Distress Ink. Adhere kraft card onto matting of Maraschino Bazzill Card, then backing of Lily Pad Bazzill card. Stamp Christmas Down Under 3935D in black Archival ink at base of card.


Christmas Boabs

November 26, 2015


xmas boabStamp-it’s Boab Trees 958G with a Christmas twist. Merry Christmas wording is from siset042.

Stamp the image with black StazOn pad onto watercolour paper. Ink up a small acrylic block with your preferred ink colours (directly from pad to block). I used Distress pads “Wild Honey, Rusty Hinge, Vintage Photo and Forest Moss”. Spritz your paper with light mist of water, then place your inked block, ink-side down onto paper. Hold for a few moments to let ink seep. Lift off block. I usually have a waterbrush handy in case I feel the need to manipulate the blending/spreading process of the ink. Keep in mind, the more water you add, the more your  ink is likely to spread. So when I spritz my cards, I aim more for the centre of the trees, so that I get a nice edge of colour down the left-hand side of the card which creates that frame-like effect and a more fluid bleeding effect on the right side into the tree canopy and down into the ground. It’s a very hard thing to control. Each card you create will be different no matter how much you try to replicate it.  After the paper is dry, draw lines (with the aid of a ruler) for your baubles to hang from. Position coloured rhinestones at end of lines. Stamp Merry Christmas wording in corner with black ink pad. Layer watercolour paper onto backing cards.

NOTE: If you like this effect, check out my “Winter Tree” post to view 2 more samples .


Joyous Stag

November 22, 2015


Joyous StagI think reindeer’s such elegant animals and the males antlers afford them a certain sense of majesty. They always seem to hold their heads up so proudly, probably because they have such strong neck muscles carrying all that weight around. I have decorated this stags regal headdress with some colourful joyous baubles. And no, he doesn’t find it the slightest bit demoralizing or embarrassing. Who cares if people think he’s snuck into his wife’s closet and stolen her festive earrings? – it’s all in the spirit of Christmas. Get a bit of bling on!!


STAMPS: Stag 4986E, Joyous wording siset059, Linear Baubles 4356E

INKS: Jet Black StazOn Pad and Sepia Archival Pad

PAPERS: Ivory Matt Card, Hilary, Maraschino & Lily Pad Bazzill Cards

ACCESSORIES: Shrink Plastic, Spectrum Noir Pens, Watercolour Pencils, Water brush

1. Stamp wording across bottom of ivory matt card in black ink. Sponge around card with Sepia ink.

2. Stamp Stag in black onto a separate piece of ivory card. Colour in stag with watercolour pencils, using a waterbrush to help blend colours. Cut out stag. (Yes, sorry, the antlers are a bit of a pain). Magic Mount body of stag to original ivory card with wording on. I used a glue stick on the antlers. Layer ivory card onto Maraschino (red), then Hilary (darker green) and finally Lily Pad (light Green) Bazzill backing card.

3. Stamp Linear Baubles onto shrink plastic with the black StazOn pad. Flip the shrink plastic over and colour the baubles in with the Spectrum Noir pens. If you try to colour on the same side, the pens will make the black lines bleed as they are both alcohol based inks. Use the fat nib on the pens and don’t worry about keeping in the lines as the baubles are going to be cut out anyway.

stag - colouring shrinky 2




Cut out the baubles. Put the baubles one at a time (or they will stick to each other when hot) into a heatproof container and heat them with a heatgun to shrink down. They will roll about a bit, so make sure your container has sides! If you don’t have a heatgun, you can use an oven (see back of packs for instructions). They will reduce to approximately 1/4 of their original size. Have a pair of tweezers ready in case you need to touch them as they will be HOT! I usually also keep a small acrylic block handy to give them a gentle pat after they’ve stopped shrinking, to ensure they are flat (makes it easier to stick them onto your cards). Don’t pat them too hard or you’ll squish and distort them.

stag - heating shrinkystag - shrinking 1stag - shrink shrunk




4. Place your baubles on card in desired positions hanging from antlers. Mark their spots using fine end of brown Distress pen. With the aid of a ruler, draw a thin line from deer’s antlers down to bauble position. Place a dab of Glossy Accents on card to adhere baubles. Hold them in place for a few seconds with fingertips. Now also cover top of baubles with Glossy Accents and sprinkle with Clear Rock Candy Dry Glitter. Set aside to dry.


Christmas Angel



angelic xmas 001 This Angel stamp is from Stamp-It’s set116, the wording is 4911E Musical Holly.

Papers: White Matt Card, Icy Mint Card Shoppe & Jacaranda Bazzill cards

Inks: White Embossing Pad; Antique Linen & Stormy Sky Distress Pads; Timber Brown StazOn Pad

Accessories: White Embossing Powder, Baby Blue Liquid Pearls, Silver Alcohol Ink, Clear Rhinestone, Stormy Sky Distress Pen, Water Spritzer, Paint brush, Sponging Block, White Frilled Ribbon

angel - embossing1. Stamp the angel with a white (or you can use clear) embossing pad onto white card, then add white embossing powder. Heat set with heatgun. If you don’t own a heatgun, your toaster will work just fine. Just push the toaster bar down to heat, then hold card above where the heat rises and it will melt the powder through the card from underneath. DO NOT put the card inside the toaster! And NO – a hairdryer will not work as it will blow all the powder off before it has a chance to melt it. A paint stripper will though (approx 360W).

A bit hard to see much at this stage sorry being white on white, but before you heat set your image, just wipe around the angel with a soft dry paint brush to ensure there are no random speckles of white embossing powder lying about. If left, they will also be heat set and will show up glaringly once the sponged blue colour is added over the top.

angel - sponging2. Dip your Sponging Block into your Antique Linen Distress Pad and sponge over and around embossed angel image. Now do the same with the Stormy Sky Distress Pad, blending the colours together as you go. I kept a patch of unsponged white card in the top left-hand side of card to create a great white light effect that the angel is heading towards. Wipe embossed angel over with a dry tissue when finished to get off any ink that may be sitting on top.

angel - stamping word3. Stamp the wording across bottom of card using the brown StazOn ink pad. Position it so the star sits in the middle of the angel’s skirt. You may want to use a t-grid to help position it accurately. You don’t want it too close to the bottom of her skirt as next we are going to cut a slit at the base of her skirt with a scalpel blade for the ribbon.

angel - flicking silver4. Squirt some water into the palm of your hand, pick up onto fingertips of opposite hand and flick water droplets onto card. Dab card dry with clean dry tissue or paper towel. Repeat if necessary. The water droplets will bleach the colour from the Distress inks, leaving white spots behind. Next, squirt some Silver Alcohol Ink onto acrylic block and load paint brush with it (make it quite wet). Flick paint brush, causing spatter of silver droplets across card. Clean alcohol ink off acrylic block and paint brush with StazOn cleaner or Alcohol Blending Solution straight away.

angelic xmas 3 0015. Push strip of white frilled ribbon into slit cut at base of angel skirt. Secure at back with tape. Layer finished card onto darker blue card, then onto Icy Mint backing card.

6. Colour holly leaves in wording with Stormy Sky & Faded Jeans Distress Pens. Decorate berries with Baby Blue Liquid Pearls. Add Clear rhinestone to star in wording.

Note:  Many Thanks to my “Hand Models” – Beth, Pascal, Susana, Sonia, Judy, Tracey & Heidi




Tree Trimmings



This simple design by Yvette (4910E Tree Trimmings) is one of my favourite Christmas stamps. I get bored easily making multiples of the same card, so I usually stamp the same image with the same black Archival ink pad onto multiple pieces of different coloured cardstock. That way they’re kind of same, same – but different! It makes the repetitive process more fun. Here are a few of my finished cards.

baubles - neutral closeFor this card I have stamped the image onto kraft card in black, coloured the baubles in with White Opal Liquid Pearls, coloured the branches in with ordinary white pencil. I then added some thick glue over the branches (just a line to highlight, don’t completely cover the branches with glue). While glue still wet, I pushed some Polar White Flowersoft into it. Set aside to dry. Add a line of Silver Stickles to hang baubles from and a clear rhinestone to crown each bauble. Layer kraft card onto Opal shimmer card. Magic Mount onto a piece of white card that has had ribbon adhered to it with 2-sided tape to create a frame (see below). Attach this card onto backing card of Quicksand Bazzill card.

ribbon frame


baubles - green stripe close For this card I stamped the image onto Nautical Light Blue Prismatic Bazzill card in black. I coloured the baubles in with Baby Blue Stickles, then went over them with Ice Blue Stickles in a “C” shape only. I applied Star Dust Stickles to the hanging thread and a clear rhinestone to top each bauble. I squished some ink from a Bundled Sage Distress Pad onto an acrylic block, which I picked up with my water brush and coloured in the branches with. I then applied some thick glue over branches and pushed some Pale Green Flowersoft into it.  Set aside to dry. This card was then Magic mounted over a piece of white card that had had striped green ribbon attached by means of some strips of 2-sided tape to it’s perimeter (see above). It was then secured to backing card of Aloe Vera Bazzill card.


baubles - blue sparkle close For this card I stamped image onto same light blue card as above. I coloured in the baubles and branches with blue and green pencils respectively.  I then went over the baubles with Crystal Ice Stickles, used Star Dust Stickles for the hanging thread again and placed a dark blue rhinestone atop each bauble. After applying some thick glue to the branches, I pushed some Christmas Green Flowersoft into it. I Magic Mounted this over a piece of white card that had had some gorgeous blue/green shot ribbon attached to the perimeter to create a frame. This was then layered onto a backing card of Jade Bazzill card.

The ribbons really are the hero pieces of these cards. The photos don’t really do justice to the shimmer and texture of them. Why don’t you try this technique with any lovely ribbon you may have lying around. I used less than 1/2 m for each card. Don’t choose a stamp image too large or complex.


Silent Night, Holy Men

November 13, 2015


silent night, wise men 017A nice religious card for the Christmas season.

STAMPS: Wisemen 2984E, Silent Night 2103G, Star 5003C  INKS: After Midnight, London Blue & Calypso Teal Dylusion Sprays; Brushed Pewter Distress Stain  PAPERS: White Matt Card, Iris Suede Paper, Silver Shimmer Paper, Royal Blue Mi-teintes Card ACCESSORIES: Star Dust Stickles

1. Spritz your white matt card with a light mist of water. Spray your 3 blue Dylusion inks over until card completely covered. DRY with heatgun.

silent night, wise men 006



2. Give your bottle of Brushed Pewter Distress Stain a good shake. You should hear the ball bearing inside rattling around. Apply directly to rubber of “Silent Night” wording stamp. There is a valve in the dabber top that will release the ink when pushed against. Be aware of how much ink you are applying. The more ink, the smushier (I don’t think that’s a real word, but you know what I mean) the stamped image will be.  Stamp onto left side of blue card you’ve just dried. I stamped my wording twice as the card was deeper than the image. You may want the aid of a t-grid for this to ensure you line them up properly.

silent night, wise men 007silent night, wise men 009silent night, wise men 014  




3. The “Wisemen” stamp has been ironed onto blue suede paper. To do this heat your iron to a low/cool setting. Place your stamp onto the table with rubber side facing up. Place suede paper over stamp image, fluffy side down (against the rubber). Spritz a fine mist of water onto back of suede. Place iron over suede backing and press lightly (count to about 10). I like to use the base/heel of the iron for this as it is wider so covers more area. You can move the iron around slightly to ensure the whole image has been completely pressed, but be careful not to move your paper or you’ll get a blurry result. Ironing will not hurt your stamps as long as they are made of red rubber (NEVER attempt this technique with clear/transparent stamps!!) as the red rubber stamps are cooked in an oven/press during their production process so can take a bit of heat. If you are doing multiple ironings at a time though, the rubber will get hot and may puff up a bit, so leave it aside to cool down before attempting more. This is a very easy and effective technique to do, but it’s also easy to stuff up. Designs with solid rubber areas work best. (NOTE: be delicate handling your suede paper as fingerprints show up easily. Try to hold paper at the edges where possible).

silent night, wise men 003silent night, wise men 005silent night, wise men 012silent night, wise men 020





4. Tear across bottom of suede paper and matt onto silver shimmer paper (which has also been torn across bottom). Magic mount onto coloured blue card. Assemble layers of silver & blue Mi-teintes backing cards. Stamp star in top right hand corner with Brushed Pewter Distress Stain. Put a splodge of Star Dust Stickles into center of star. Set aside to dry.

silent night, wise men 0173 wise men on suede



Holly Wreaths

November 11, 2015


To anyone who has just hopped onto my blog to check it out, welcome! I apologise for my lack in social graces at times. I’m usually working on it late at night, trying to get things up as quickly as I can. It ALWAYS takes me much longer than anticipated anyway, tackling the computers genius with my ambivalent brain, trying to move my pictures into place again, and then again!!

Sometimes, as in this case, I have a series of cards along the same theme, but there are too many to put in the same post, so I split them up. They are just a continuation of the past few posts though, so I haven’t given them each an individual introduction.

Without further ado, here are my last two wreath cards using the same stamp “Holly Wreath” 2393E

Christmas Wreath - suedeFor this card, I ironed the stamp pattern onto some green suede paper. I will explain in detail how to do this in my next post. The red bow was cut out of red suede and glued onto the wreath. After assembling my layers (red corrugated card, gold mesh, Gecko Bazzill Card), I added dots of Christmas Red Stickles for the berries.




golden wreathThe wreath and Christmas wording were both stamped with a clear embossing pad, had fine gold embossing powder added, then were heat set with a heatgun. The bow I coloured in with pink/red texters, then added Star Dust Stickles over the top. The berries were coloured with Christmas Red & Magenta Stickles.


Dove Wreath

November 9, 2015


Christmas Wreath - vellumDove Wreath 3879E, Wonderful Christmas 4560D

The Dove wreath has been stamped onto vellum with a Black StazOn pad. This is an alcohol-based ink and the only one that will successfully work on vellum paper. Archival pads stamp out okay, but will start to bleed within a few hours. The Christmas wording was stamped with an Olive StazOn pad. Now to colour in the wreath I used Spectrum Noir Pens (Copic will also work) – BUT as they are also alcohol-based the same as the StazOn pads, you must TURN YOUR VELLUM OVER and colour in on the back (otherwise the inks will re-act together and cause bleeding). The paper is transparent so the colour will show through, but I suggest you use brighter colours rather than pastels shades.

silent night, wise men 001

You may notice that the two doves are white. These have not been coloured in at all, but dry embossed with a stylus tool. A stylus is a pen like instrument with a ball shape on each end. You could probably find some other blunt instrument around the house to substitute (a knitting needle perhaps?). Get your mouse-pad from beside your computer and turn it upside-down. You need something soft for the paper to push into for this technique. Place the doves on. Turn the doves over, as you want to push the paper outwards (not inwards) and gently rub the vellum with the stylus. It will basically score the vellum, leaving a white mark in it’s trail. You can either follow the outline of the doves or rub over their whole body. This achieves a lovely soft ethereal effect – great to use on a wedding dress stamped onto vellum. Also, if you dry emboss dark coloured vellum the effect is even more striking. Try running some vellum through a Big Shot embossing folder.silent night, wise men 002


Because vellum is transparent, it makes it tricky to attach. Tapes will obviously show through, hence the gold brads in the corners. The second dove which has been cut out over the words, I glued with Glossy Accents. I also used glossy accents to highlight the heart shapes.

See another example below of how to use this same Dove Wreath stamp.

3879E Dove Wreath



Flowersoft Wreath



Christmas Wreath - flowersoftcandy cane wreath








Welcome Wreath 3032E, Xmas Mini 3675B

I stamped the wreath and wording with an Olive Archival pad onto kraft card, then sponged around the edge of card with Sepia Archival pad. Tie jingle bells to each end of metallic thread. Cut small slit in card at base of wreath and push middle section of metallic thread through. Adjust length of bells and secure thread at back of card with tape.

Flowersoft adds a lovely texture and dimension to your cards. Just apply a thick layer of a viscous glue to the stamped wreath image, then add the flowersoft, pushing it gently into the glue with your fingertips. Tap off excess. Set aside to dry.

Apply stickles to the star shapes sticking out from wreath. Glue bow into place at base of wreath to cover cut slit where thread was pushed through. Assemble finished front card onto backing card layers.


be-ribboned white wreathAnother card using the same two stamps, with a different colour scheme. The wreath was just embossed in white, the wording embossed in gold. Star dust stickles used on star shapes. Ribbon added. The center of the wreath has been cut out of the front card so you can see the wording stamped on the inside of the card.