Birds of Summer

Doesn’t this weather just make you glad to be alive!! I love summer! So many things you can do when the sun is shining. Of course it’s best to get up early and do them before it gets too hot, haha. Change of theme now with some bird cards using Concord & 9th’s Songbird stamp set.

The first card idea was taken from Karen Baker, and the inspiration for me buying the stamp set in the first place, so I had to have a go at replicating it
(her version is better). With my not-so-great eyesight, I sometimes struggle to stay in the lines, but when trying to deliberately go over to create a loose watercolour effect, I struggle with that as well! Never mind, thought I’d share it with you anyway in case you hadn’t seen her lovely version on Pinterest. The technique of only colouring in a highlighted section of a design is very effective and one I occasionally use myself. It helped to get my creative juices flowing, then I branched out with my own layouts, incorporating in some of them, dies and stamps from other companies.


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