Black Bunny

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.

Finally got time to play with my new Kaszazz stamps! This is the larger bunny in the set of 2 (4970J). I morphed him slightly by opening his eye and giving him whiskers. I used a scrap of Japanese paper for inside his ear and a white Sharpie pen to add accents. The flowers and butterflies are from a clear unmounted garden set I got with a magazine some years back. I highlighted the flowers etc… with Liquid Pearls, Stickles and gold Fab Foils.

I made the bunny black as it signified my mood yesterday after discovering that my much anticipated parcel of 2nd hand stamps I bought on-line had been delivered ‘apparently’ to my address the day before!! This is the 2nd parcel that has gone ‘missing’ in as many months, so now I have a suspicious feeling that perhaps there is someone hitching them. There has been a bit of nefarious activity in the area this year. It just makes me hopping mad, as a bunch of dirty rubbers is going to be of no interest or use to them and they’ll probably just throw them away!! AAaagh!

I just need to take a deep breathe, put my big girl panties on and put things back into perspective. And move on..

It certainly crushes your confidence in ordering on-line though. So many pitfalls every step of the way (even up to your front door).


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One thought on “Black Bunny

  1. How distressing to read about the theft of your packages, so very frustrating.

    I love the use of the japanese paper on the black bunny’s ears,brings such an extra dimension to this fantastic card.
    I am enjoying each of the new cards you have been posting. Thank you for your wonderful inspirations. xoxo

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